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In the past, the leaders of the world are choosing their inaccurately but the spy scandal and the National Security Agency contacts most of the world's leaders, made them choose the safest and always working hardware security surrounding presidents to hide and prevent the emergence of the phone where the phone president is not just a communication tool with others, it always requires the process of securing an extraordinary espionage against attempts by the enemies that do not stop at setting the password, but to be a means of safety to protect him from the risk of repeated attacks from hackers.

President Barack Obama:

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Uses President Obama for years version is supported by the National Security Agency to phone Blackberry, which is characterized by its strength in protecting users' data and their very large to repel attacks by hackers and Obama told many times about the great confidence in the phones in this company, but it is different with the rest of the family, after he won presidency where he appeared with his daughters, one the iPhone and since the White House announced during the month of May last it works on the test phones new smart were designed by companies Samsung and LG has encouraged many people to the acquisition of these smart phones, and make the company Blackberry lose for 2013 last approximately 5.8 billion dollars Americans.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

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Chancellor Merkel used the first two phones Nokia 6260 Slide provider of chip encryption, which claims leaks former agent with the United States Agency Edward Snowden had been bugging them and we saw a lot of news about her surveillance by the National Security Agency, which is used for matters relating to the party. With regard to the affairs of the state, are used Blackberry Z device, which is said to be immune to spying by German companies in particular.

Pakistani President Nawaz Sharif:


President Sharif was spotted It uses the iPhone and Samsung phones, but knew later that these phones to the delegation accompanying him and found the only phone that holds Blackberry Bold to stay in touch with his family and his allies who have their phone number.

Russian President Vladimir Putin:

Despite the announcement by President Putin about the lack of use of mobile phones as confirmed through more than one occasion, he has many of the mobile phones, but did not use any of them, but it appeared in the pictures, which uses the phone Russian named MTS-Glonass 945 is running Andorid also appeared with him also iPhone, and already stated in 2010, "If I had a mobile phone, it will ring all the time," but this is certainly not the only reason, but also for the security Dauaa where it is known that the Russian president also avoids the Internet.

French President Francois Hulan:

Former President Nicolas Sarkozy, found the use of phone tearoom tired and refused to use it because it took only 30 seconds for a connection request either President Hulan uses iPhone 5, where we heard a lot of news that are in constant contact via text messages with his girlfriend Julie and we also heard about the spy agency, the National Security citizens French ministers and forcing the French government to abandon its smartphones.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un:


Drew media in South Korea, said the leader Jong-un uses the phone to call his family and senior officials of the Labour Party, where one of the pictures revealed the use of a mobile company HTC. It is known for Korean regime it strictly as this phone is one of about two million mobile phone only in North Korea, which has a population of 25 million people, which does not allow phone users to access the Internet, but only to make calls and send texts within the country only.

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi:

kika3131191 matteo-renzi
Renzi is known about it from fans of Apple and the iPhone lovers who famously said upon the death of Steve Jobs one of the most important founders of Apple has gone to the Leonardo da Vinci of this era and who has snapped a picture next to the company logo before he took office.

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