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After the court ruling .. Apple may be compelled to delete from the Siri iPhone phones in China

Earlier the Chinese company with the name of Zhi Zhen filed a lawsuit in the Chinese city of Shanghai on Apple accusing then stole the intellectual property rights of voice recognition technology affiliate and used in the technique Siri famous in the iPhone .. and now in a new report aired agency Reuters and BBC confirmed that Apple has already been defeated in this battle was not able to proof before the court that the king of this technique, but her company was able Zhi Zhen Network Technology Chinese confirmation invented patents registered in 2006, while the judiciary.
In the first reaction from Apple's official spokesman said the company they take intellectual property rights seriously and added We have provided this service to our customers and unfortunately we did not know that Zhi Zhen used this patent. The Chinese company seems it will consider the subject in the case has been discussed reasonably and personally I think that this hint to accept a financial settlement.

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