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Review Samsung Galaxy S5

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Like every year at this time since a long time now, the major manufacturers of smartphones released their new "flagship", their flagship phone, supposed to prove to the whole world their expertise in design and design. After HTC and excellent One M8, we tackle the biggest seller in the market: the Samsung Galaxy S5.
Finally, here it is ... This test of the Galaxy S5 will be (too) much time to arrive on, but what do you want: a late arrival on our coupled with a big holiday period office were right on time section. But it was not all negative, since we were able to test the unit for more than a month and, above all, we've used far, far away from France, just to see whether the latest high-end Samsung is a good traveling companion. So, this text will further dwell on the use of "everyday" Galaxy S5 and its interest in a different environment. The structure of this test will be a little different, and we will move faster on certain aspects of the device to other.

Are not you the finest

Upon initial contact with the Galaxy S5, let's face it, you can not say it's love at first sight ... Not that the device is ugly, but let's say you do not feel that little thrill, the want to touch the hull of the fingertips, to admire every curve. From this perspective, the Galaxy S5 is not the last HTC One ... But do not worry: it soon appears as a pleasant to use smartphone and who starts perfectly in hand. Light, thin and not slippery for a penny, the product is well designed, despite his eternal plastic look. Note however some small addicted appeared on the edges, just after a slight fall yet ...
Samsung Galaxy S5 (6) Samsung Galaxy S5 (2)

Samsung Galaxy S5 (7) Samsung Galaxy S5 (3)
Where the unit is strong, and stands out from previous generations, it is the side of its IP67 certification, which allows to consider use in all conditions, almost. At the beach, the mountains, the sea, beside a pool ... For two weeks, the GS5 was carted in any environment, without flinching. After immersion in water for a few minutes, the interface was still reactive and hull dried in seconds. So, we may well consider taking some aquatic shots (being careful not to let go, anyway), especially since it is possible to start shooting with the volume knob . Beware, however: If immersion in seawater we posed no concern at first, we put some doubts as to wear, ultimately caused by salt.
Samsung Galaxy S5 (5)
The cover protects the microUSB port access

Photos with the Galaxy S5
Sample photo taken underwater with AFN Galaxy S5
Anyway, like the previous Xperia Z, we find here the pleasure to take his smartphone almost anywhere without fear of the return of order after a day of being exposed to sand, dust or water. And that, for a product to almost € 700, it's a selling extremely important, so we would like our competitors take the same direction.

Inexhaustible device

The other two great qualities Galaxy S5 to emphasize when talking about everyday use - and travel - are the extreme clarity of the screen, even in direct sunlight, and autonomy foolproof. The quality of the slab Super AMOLED is indeed quite impressive, it is very bright and has impeccable vision angles. Whatever our summer reading environment, she has never been found wanting, and needless to say that the pictures taken with the camera have a very nice rendering. In short, we are dealing here probably the best display on the market, period.
Samsung Galaxy S5 (12) Samsung Galaxy S5 (11)

Samsung Galaxy S5 (9) Samsung Galaxy S5 (10)
Autonomy, meanwhile, is once again impressive. Want to watch your own movies on the plane for a long flight? The video playback can run for almost 14h in a row, and again, without activating airplane mode. Overseas, without data enabled, but using regular WiFi to surf or check email, we were able to hold for more than three days to reach 5% of battery.

Samsung Galaxy S5 video Autonomy (mn)

Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One (M8)LG G2Sony Xperia Z1Google Nexus 5
In a more traditional setting, is to say connected 3G or 4G, again, one can only admire the two days of life, even with a Bluetooth-connected watch and a pronounced use of Web ... Finally, if you're a really hungry and want to break a record of life, know that the mode "Ultra energy saving" has likewise demonstrated very convincing. As a reminder, this exclusive fashion GS5 disables most services unit by keeping only the essentials (calls, SMS, email ...) The display goes black and white, to consume less energy as possible. Talk about being honest, we were pretty skeptical at the announcement of this feature, fearing my face marketing, and yet ... During our test, the phone held 28 hours with only 10% battery, knowing that he has all the same been used regularly for a few calls and a large amount of SMS. In short, again, we are dealing with what is best.
Ultra Power Saving Mode GS5
In everyday life, the Galaxy S5 has therefore shown a great companion that is fast, fluid interface and quick to give us the information you need quickly. GPS fix is ​​very fast and accurate - whether you're in Paris or 10,000 km from France - the few games tested to pass the time in a departure lounge were always perfectly playable and partial redesign TouchWiz allows finally proudly display the device. Samsung has indeed opted for more sober and less garish colors, bringing a touch of sweetness to the mix.
Interface Galaxy S5 (3) Interface Galaxy S5 (4) Interface Galaxy S5 (1) Interface Galaxy S5 (2)

Samsung Galaxy S5 AnTuTu Benchmark Score

Samsung Galaxy S5HTC One (M8)Sony Xperia Z1LG G2Google Nexus 5
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Samsung Galaxy S5 3D Mark score Unlimited

HTC One (M8)Sony Xperia Z1Google Nexus 5LG G2Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 SunSpider score (ms, less is better)

Sony Xperia Z1HTC One (M8)Google Nexus 5LG G2Samsung Galaxy S5

The integrated features are once more numerous, ranging from the very useful gadget. Thus, as the Galaxy S4, the step counter watch frankly useful for lengthy walks in nature, but we find that the heartbeat sensor is of little interest. Similarly, the fingerprint sensor remains for us a little luxury gadget, especially since it can be quite sketchy (a concern that should be addressed by a future update). On this point, it must be admitted that the most effective system is still the iPhone 5S and its sensor located directly on the center button ...

The camera everyday

Finally, it remains to be addressed for which the Galaxy S5 has essentially served us for two weeks of vacation: his camera. Indeed, we have chosen to serve us only smartphone to capture the many landscapes of Bali, just to know whether or not the latest high-end Samsung replace a good little compact. The many photos we publish below you will probably answer yourself this question, but it is clear that the camera does a very good job, especially outdoors.
Photos Galaxy S5 (3) Photos Galaxy S5 (4)
Photos Galaxy S5 (8) Photos Galaxy S5 (12)
Accurate colors, sharp images, good capture of light ... In "auto" mode, the camera sensor of GS5 does miracles, almost, and that's certainly the way you will use the most, given the high speed Autofocus and the shortcut available directly from the lock screen. But, as usual, Samsung blind his camera features and shooting modes, most efficient and useful time, even if there is nothing very new compared to the Galaxy S4.
Galaxy S5 interface Galaxy S5 interface
In the end, there is no doubt that the Galaxy S5 is the perfect companion for the daily and offers everything you expect from a premium smartphone. Apart from its look ultimately unremarkable, he answered indeed to all needs and desires, never fail in its mission. Powerful, with a period of phenomenal life, a beautiful and bright screen and a great camera, the GS5 is an undeniable success, if not a surprising product. If you are looking for a reliable road companion, you've found anyway.
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