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Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is now available in gold

Usually does not Samsung using the golden color in most phones recently, but today in front of a special case for the phone Galaxy Grand 2 phone, which was launch in the market beginning of January it was in black and white, can fetch up currently about $ 300, according to recent reports, Valhatf longer The best-selling phones during the current year.
The golden color of the phone so far available only in some Asian stores, to be available in more stores around the world at a later time. It is clear that the new color of the phone is not accompanied by any changes in the phone's capabilities, nor a change in price as well. Any phone that the same possibilities that came out, namely: the 5.25-inch screen, precisely 720 × 1280 pixels, the possibility of using two slices, and 1.2 GHz processor of the type Snapdragon 400, and RAM 1.5 GB of storage space and an internal 8 GB.
It is worth mentioning that the phone has recently received an update to its operating system to work with Android 4.4 Kit Kat instead of Android 4.3 Jelly between.

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