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Samsung will be the official manufacturer of processors next iPhone!

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Not as long as the two leading organizations in the field of mobile industry and smart devices Samsung and Apple in sharp conflict and a lot of competition can not be imagined in which they hold Musharaya between them, but it seems that this already exists!

Where the Samsung company signed a contract with Apple in a deal that allows it to next-generation manufacturing of A9 processors for mobile iPhone, according to several sources, most notably published by Bloomberg, and these sources are described Palmtalaap added that Samsung will manufacture A9 processors to phone the next iPhone is expected to appear this year.
The agency said Bloomberg that Apple Taatkhadd Ahttiyatadtha to rely on a second company, a company GlobalFoundries as a backup to Samsung, the company will reserve GlobalFoudries on the A9 processors are manufactured in emergencies only, and will be assigned the task of manufacturing these processors officially and fully to Samsung.

Samsung and about four months ago made it clear that it will depend on the iPhone processors industry to the size of 14 nm manufacturing technology, a technology that helps to gain time and reduce production time.

And rootlet mentioning that Samsung holds the iPhone mobile processors industry since 2007, but the Apple lawsuit raises several calls against Samsung because of patent infringement made cooperation between them was temporarily standing.
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