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Nexus 5 in the face of Galaxy S4: From the best?

Has been detected recently for a smartphone Nexus 5 long-awaited, after months of rumors and leaks that belonged to announce his Google earlier this month exactly and may become available to get it to be so one of the strongest competitors leading Korean company Samsung Galaxy S4, which saw turnout globally ago On arrival to the markets and to now.

Well there are a lot of people are eager to compare the two devices and out who is the best in the end and that's what we will try to do now in this article and exactly in line next.
Initially the size that comes with each of the devices, while the Nexus 5 comes along Bmlmitr largest one, seem smaller compared to the same measurement rival Galaxy S4 at the level of the display, while the latter is the slimmest 8 percent.
There is a level equal to the weight of this standard among competitors Both weigh up to 130 grams
Both devices are made out of plastic, but it is very clear that the plastic that pertains Nexus 5 is the best in terms of quality and so attractive scenery provided by the users.
From the beginning it seems smartphone Galaxy S4 larger than rival Nexus 5 at the level of the screen, as the first comes screen-size 5-inch, while the second comes the size of 4.95 inches, while there is a consensus between them on the screen resolution of up to 1080 In 1920 pixels, is Nexus 5 that offers greater accuracy and clarity in every inch of the screen.
This paragraph is not in favor of the Korean monster, as the Nexus 5 offers quad-core processor Snapdragon 800-type frequency of 2.3 GHz while the Galaxy S4 processors have weaker than in performance.
Both phones come smartphones random memory size of 2 GB.
Storage space:
At this level it seems Galaxy S4 best he comes Butlath different versions in terms of storage capacity and including 16 GB and 32 GB and 64 GB with support for card external storage that provides them more space, but unfortunately we find that the Nexus 5 is not available However, the size of the first two copies on the shelf specific to 16 GB and the size of the second shelf the size of 32 GB with no support for external storage card.
Capacity battery Galaxy S4 largest battery capacity of the new rival, as the first reaches the size of the energy store battery to 2600 mAh and is a larger size compared to 2300 mAh battery that stores energy from the Nexus 5, but with the advent of the latter processor better than It is known that the governor on electric power, it is not surprising that beats the rival Korean in the period in which the business of without the need for charging.

In the battle of mega pixel camera, beats Galaxy S4 rival Nexus 5, where that first comes with a camera background accurately 13 megabytes bicycle while the second does not exceed the accuracy rear camera has 8 mega pixel camera, and for the camera front up accurate portrayal first to 2 Mega Pixels while accurate depiction Second defined in 1.3 Mega Pixels.
Operating system:
Nexus 5 comes running Android 4.4 KitKat and can obtain the latest challenges in the future faster than Google, while the Galaxy S4 was recently updated Android 4.3, which does not offer the same excellent performance provided by the Kit Kat and expected to get it after a month or two.
Prices start Nexus 5 from $ 350 version with 16 GB, while the price of Galaxy S4 starts from $ 630 to find that the high price of the latter by 85 percent compared to the first price that fits more of the categories that put a priority cheap price to buy the devices.
Summary Comparison:
Many wonder after all this talk one question is not: it is better Galaxy S4 or Nexus 5? Well I do not have a clear answer to this question but I would like to point out that those who want a smart phone specifications good and cheap price would be considered Nexus 5 is the best, while those who wish to get a smart phone famous and good camera techniques and software exciting deemed Galaxy S4 is the best , the question remains, and directed to our readers, are only able to determine that.

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