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Huawei will announce a smartphone with fingerprint reader in Berlin

Huawei has unveiled a new index on the smartphone to be presented at IFA. It will be equipped with a fingerprint reader. And, in fact, a picture of such a smartphone just released in China.
Huawei is doing things right when organizing an event. Thus, it is not simply a vulgar digital invitation for the press conference he held in Berlin next month. Some media also received a printed invitation. The Chinese site MyDrivers shared his, as we pass below. And, surprise, a new detail about the smartphone that will be presented will appear.
Invitation Huawei
A smartphone with fingerprint reader
The invitation has been folded in half and cut so as to expose a fingerprint when closed. Inside, it appears on the silhouette of a smartphone. Huawei could hardly be clearer: their next smartphone will be equipped with a fingerprint reader. It remains to discover which one it is.
It may appear on Weibo comes
Meanwhile, a mysterious Huawei smartphone has just surfaced on Weibo . Several photographs have been published. One of them reveals in the back, where there is just a fingerprint reader. An imposing protective shell unfortunately hides the frame of the smartphone, also shot squarely.
Huawei smartphone with fingerprint reader
The screen is however on and shows the user interface and some features: a processor running at 1.6GHz, 1GB of RAM, 16GB of internal memory and an HD display (1280 x 720 pixels). A data sheet quite modest seems to echo the first clue unveiled by Huawei.
In fact, the manufacturer has already stated that he would present an affordable smartphone at its Berlin conference. This could be it as a new upscale phablette is also expected: the Ascend Mate 3 or maybe 7 on a teaser from the last week .

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